Creative Transformations – Symbolic Interpretation

In all symbolic imagery and composites, every aspect of the details used to compose it is meaningful to the overall idea. Nothing is added without thought and significance. Most images come as a “vision” that’s “whole in nature”, and simply needs to be developed. I’m simply going to point out the significance of the symbolism with very brief descriptions to allow you to form your own interpretations as a form of “personal creation”. This way, you can put it together in whatever way makes most sense to you and seems most relevant.

Overall theme: All transformation is an inner process.

Earth = material reality as the outer shell that houses the inner spirit. It’s in the form of an egg, cracked open, allowing new birth from within as a spiritual resurrection.

It’s the inner landscape that forms the outer reality. Change the landscape, and you change the outer reality as a result.

Sunrise = the inner light, over a rugged mountain peak (higher knowledge), that draws its vitality from the “inner well” – waterfall – that together, nourish and sustain the eco-system, water (vitality) and light (consciousness) being the very substance of all life.

Light and water when combined, produce air as the astral plane (atmosphere) and etheric substance, represented by the sun’s “rays”, produced as a reflection of moisture, that blends with the nebula-like gases of the space surrounding it = the astral substance that forms all material bodies.

 There are 13 rays of light, 13 butterflies, and 13 petals on the Lotus blossom. 13 being the number of death and transformation, the cycles of the Moon in a year, and the “master” who is the culmination of 12 disciples or archetypal aspects of the zodiac, which are the means by which it “reformulates” itself. What we consider death as the death of the body, is what frees the soul to reside within its true domain, so it’s actually a form of birth into a new realm of existence that’s void of physical limitations.

13 = 4, the number representing the law of material reality (Tetrad), and the Tetragrammaton as the formula for transformation as new manifestations produced willfully through “mind over matter”, and the 4 states of matter > charged plasma, gaseous, liquid, and solid.

The Earth is a cracked egg, 2 halves as the dual nature of the soul, the mind, and the brain and heart, bridged and connected by the rainbow – revealing the hidden nature of light as multiple frequencies that form a single unit that always flow in a circular motion, only half of which is visible.

The overall shape of the Earth and Light form a Monad – the sphere of consciousness as a field of information that demonstrates the soul’s relationship with the mind and body. The core (light) exists as the kernel or brain that forms the membrane or outer sphere as a projection that’s an emanation and complementary correspondence to the inner world, which is what’s producing it.

The Lotus = symbol of the feminine soul – originates and has its roots in the dark under the water (subconscious), and grows towards the light of the sun, blossoming above the surface, while remaining rooted in the mud (Earth). It has 13 petals, and symbolizes the stages of unfolding and blossoming into full maturity. Life unfolds through stages and steps of growth and development.

Butterfly = the true symbol of transformation, not only changes shape, but transforms into an entirely different species with a completely different biological make-up and structure. Its physical body turns to mush, and its substance reconstructed into an entirely new form where it goes from crawling on the ground, totally earth bound, to flying through the air, becoming heaven oriented, and scaling the higher regions of the lower plane. Butterflies, like birds, are symbolic of the air element, the combination of both fire and water as its offspring or unified state, and is the complementary of the earth element as it’s higher, less dense aspect. There are 13 butterflies, one greater and central, 12 lesser and at different levels as the 12 archetypes of the zodiac that we use to reformulate ourselves in terms of qualities and characteristics.

Air Element = the astral substance and magnetic fluid (nebula) that’s used to form the etheric body as a holographic model or blueprint for constructing the material body as it’s “twin”, or reverse (mirror) image (represented by the Tetrad). All transformation of the material body comes by way of altering the etheric body, produced by will, thought, emotion, and the imagination . . .

Space represents the gravitational substrata that holds everything together in a stabilized and revolving fashion, and is infinite, unchanging and eternal in nature.

Stars = astral substance that emanates light is the basis of “matter” (photons) as formed, low density light that shapes all material form. We are ultimately all made of stardust, and our psychological make-up the unique combination and degrees of constellations as archetypes of the zodiac, with 12 representing a whole unit of time (celestial cycles), and 13 being the one that naturally evolves out of them and resides in eternity outside of time.

Overall: All transformation as spiritual rebirth within the physical body takes place from the inside out. Work on the interior as the core or essential self to change the formula of the etheric body, and the outer manifestation changes accordingly as its expression and offspring. It’s the mental paradigm we employ and act to develop that provides the basis for constructing our material body and perception of reality. It’s only by changing it that we change ourselves and how we create and experience reality as a result. All of what we think of as reality is actually a product of the mind as a perception and mental construct.

Dr. Linda Gadbois 

“Alchemy – Constant and Never-ending Transformation” – Interpreting Symbolic Imagery of Art

       As with all compositions of symbolic imagery that illustrate universal laws as a creative process, every attribute and element of the piece is significance in terms of how it corresponds with the overall idea. This includes not only the images and symbols themselves, but also colors, numbers, and features, and how they all exist in “relationship” with each other. All geometric mathematics demonstrate the natural relationships that exist between fundamental laws that act to produce both the astral and etheric realm that provides the organizational blueprint for the material form as its twin, duplicate, or corresponding equivalent. All laws exist in a fundamental state of unity as a continuous creative process, and so whenever we’re addressing and considering one law, we know that it’s the full and accumulative expression of all the ones that preceded it, while still containing within it the latent potential of all the ones that will systematically proceed out of it as a synchronistic unfolding.

       There’s really no such thing as a single law in terms of it being independent and creative in and of itself, but rather demonstrates what part or phase of a “whole growth process” we’re looking at. So for example, when we look at the Pentad, represented by 5, we know that it’s the outward manifestation of 0 through 4, and still contains within it the potential of 6 through 9. Out of 5 spontaneously emerges 6 as a natural growth process of maturing and becoming whole. So as you interpret the single symbols and elements to find their esoteric meaning, you want to always look at the relationship they form with every other element in order to understand their significance and the role they play in a greater process. All true knowledge is knowledge of universal law and principles that are the active intelligence that underlies and forms and forms the entire material world, and can only be comprehended intuitively as a dynamic relationship that spans and operates on multiple planes simultaneously through polarity.

        All true spiritual knowledge was traditionally communicated in symbolic imagery and art, requiring each person to intuitively interpret it based on their level of education, maturity, and knowledge of the principles involved, and so each person formed a different interpretation that was ideally suited to them in terms of how the knowledge would be applied to their everyday life as the means of creating with it. With that said, I’m simply going to point out and briefly describe the main symbolic components, and leave it to your intuition and imagination to put them together in a way that provides you with a form of “instructions” for consciously undergoing the transformative process of Alchemy . . . .

 The overall composition forms both a Hexad (6) or “Star of David”, and a Pentad (5), which is also symbolized as a star, demonstrating that these are complementary opposites of each other. In the right hand she holds a pentagram, and in the left a Hexagram – the pentagram represents mind-over-matter as the mind’s ability to influence and organize the 4 elements of the material world into new combinations and formulas of manifestation. The Hexagram represents “as above so below”, and the complementary nature of both the subconscious and self-conscious, and the Higher Self and lower self, which are all complementary aspects of the same mind and work together on multiple planes to create a cohesive and coherent reality.

The Pentagram is silver, the color of the Moon, which governs the subconscious and emotions of the lower material plane, and is a “reactive metal” that tarnishes. The hexagram, symbol of equilibrium between two planes, is gold, color of the sun, which governs the conscious mind of the middle plane (higher), which is pure and unadulterated in nature. Gold is “non-reactive”, and doesn’t tarnish or corrode. They’re held in the opposite hand of what corresponds to the material plane (right = the left hemisphere of the brain; and left = right hemisphere), because they’re on a higher plane of subtle energy (Astral) that’s a reflection of this one and operates according to opposite and complementary laws to the lower plane.

5 – the number of power, represented by the Pentagram as a star within a sphere, is brought into balance through 6, both numbers representing the soul on different levels. The Pentad is considered the “doorway” through which we move between dimensions, and corresponds to the 5th chakra of the throat and neck, and is the means through which we “speak”. The spoken word, both internally as thought and outwardly as speech, is what shapes the elements of the material world and calls forth our reality, first in our imagination (6th chakra of the 3rd Eye), then as a fundamental part of our outer reality.

6 – the number of equilibrium between two complementary (polar) aspects, the number of the soul and love, represents the divine marriage of bringing the subconscious and self-conscious into balance in a harmonious way to produce a unified reality. The 6th chakra represents the receiver of communication from a higher plane that produces both a visual image as a mental impression and an inner voice. We impregnate the imagination (6) of the subconscious mind with a formula (holographic template) for creating an outer reality through our passionate thoughts as words we both think and speak (5).  

Rainbow bridge – connects the Pentad and Hexad, the masculine and feminine – the symbol of self-transformation – of Jacobs ladder and the 7 steps (stages and levels) to heaven (higher dimensions) – correlate to the 7 chakras, 7 colors, 7 musical notes of a scale, and the hidden nature of light as the 7 aspects of God. Each color represents a state of mind and the qualities, characteristics and operations naturally performed out of that state.

The human figure is a woman, representing the “soul” as physical form governed by the subconscious mind of the animal kingdom and natural world. Her hair is golden-yellow, representing intellect and mental powers of higher consciousness. She’s partially clothed in a white garment = purity and unity. Arms are outstretched, raised to the heavens = receives her mental powers from a higher plane. Her white garment has no ornaments = purity – “freedom from mixture” (with impure ideas) – the pure spiritual influence of the primal Will.

The overall shape forms a cross as the convergence between upper and lower planes. Her body is coming out of the Earth, symbolic of the phallic and the womb. The masculine (vertical) and the feminine (horizontal) combine to form an offspring as a unified form that’s a combination of both – lingam and yoni. A universal archetype as an ideal that seeds the imagination of the lower mind and produces a material reality as their offspring. 

The Earth with the Sun at its core represents the Monad, out of which all manifestation occurs spontaneously as a growth process and chain of association. It’s cracked open like an egg, giving birth to the material reality of the soul. The soul rises from its core as a projection or offspring. The Monad symbolizes the individual sphere of consciousness as the mind that serves to inform, produce, and give life to not only the material body of the individual, but also to the entire outer environment through its “model of the world”, that forms its perception of an outer world that’s of the same nature as the inner world. We only change how the outer world appears to us when we change our inner world. It has a red interior – color of Mars and sulfur = passion and the activity that ensues from it. Spheres = Monads = Torus = mind field of information as the conscious energy that accompanies all material forms.

The Earth is red (inside) and blue (outside) = electromagnetic energy of complementary opposites – all action (red) originates from within, and is formed from memory (blue), to produce life (green) as a stream of consciousness (clouds and weather system) forming a whole ecosystem. The core is a yellow sun = fire element– active consciousness as will that expands and projects to illuminate and animate material reality.  

The Earth – Monad, sits in a lotus blossom, symbol of the soul and the process of growth as unfolding, is white = purity as an equilibrated state, and has 14 petals, the number of Temperance and vibration, or our ability to alter our vibration by transforming lower vibrations (states of mind) into higher ones through moderation and discipline. The 14th petal is behind the earth and is what extends to form the white garment which is displayed in a spiraling motion = vibration. Our material world forms and evolves through bringing latent potential into expression. 14 = 5 (1+4), (1=Monad as the mind, 4 = material reality of the 4 Elements, 5 = the mind’s ability to shape matter into a etheric form as the template (vibratory pattern) for creating a corresponding outer material reality). This formula provides us with deeper insight into the creative process we must undertake in order to raise our vibration.

DNA – serpent heads – one gold (masculine-solar) one silver (feminine-moon), represent the electromagnetic field as the constant interaction between complementary opposites that work together to “in-form” and produce material life as its offspring. It emanates an aura, as the electromagnetic field that provides the information as the etheric body or holographic blueprint that always accompanies the material form, which is “causal” in nature, and operated by the mind. 3 bars in each turn or oval spiral – representing the Phi relationship (4 codons – 3 match to produce an imbalance as an emphasis), and the triune nature of the mind, soul, and material reality they act together to produce. All manifestation and transformation comes through an odd number (masculine) that produces an imbalance as a dominating trait, which once expressed comes into an equalized state on a different level or as a new vibration where it’s then stabilized (habituated). We literally transform our body by programming and re-informing our DNA through our perceptions, thoughts, and emotions.

The DNA is comprised of 10 complete strands (whole unit as a cycle of expression) that represent the 10 primary laws of manifestation – with the 11th (rebirth of “1” on a higher scale) one in the process of forming – the point of regeneration as the second birth of ascension destined to cross at the solar plexus, which is the center of the personality. We undergo the process of transformation on all levels of our material being by using the higher aspects of our mind to (re)program the lower aspects of our mind.

Vertical channel or pillar of light through the center of the body, is the cyclical flow of Life-Force energy from a higher to lower, and from the lower to higher dimensions. Spiraling garment and DNA strands in the form of serpents represents the kundalini energy of the Life Power or active force of the body that remains dormant until it’s activated through certain practices of.

 The Chakra system represents the 7 major organs of the subtle (etheric) body that form a dynamic correspondence to the major organs and systems of the material body, and is the means through which the mind informs and operates the body through the nervous system. Each chakra is a color of the light spectrum and rainbow, as qualities and frequencies that have natural operations inherent in them as states of mind, while operating together as a whole system. The chakra’s form a correspondence to the Endocrine system of the material body, delivering electrical stimulation as consciousness that produce hormones, which act to adjust the “chemical state of the body” to match the “state of mind” and regulate all the biological processes of the body accordingly . The chakra’s as the subtle body form a bridge between the higher world of pure energy as qualities and characteristics that simultaneously produce natural correspondences within the material body as it’s physical characteristics, allowing us to identify the “cause” of material manifestation in terms of its relationship to the mind and soul. The chakra’s, like DNA, is operated by intention, thought, meaning, and emotions of the astral plane of the mind.

5 spheres on the central column coupling the chakras – represent the middle pillar of equilibrium on the Tree of Life, which brings polar opposites together in a balanced and harmonious state as the means of manifestation. How they are paired provide us with clues as to the “complementary nature” of the chakras and how to work with them through the complementary aspect as the means of using them to modify and transform ourselves to higher states of being. All true transformation comes by way of making adjustments on the etheric/astral plane of the mind, which acts to reprogram the physical body systematically.

Wings – balanced and symmetrical = air element – intellect and higher consciousness which is a combination of fire and water as the masculine and feminine principles, also symbolize the self-conscious and subconscious mind, the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which are 2 halves of a whole. White= purified through a balanced state, with indigo-violet iridescence, color of the 6th and 7th chakra of higher, cosmic consciousness and “royalty”. The overall image forms an angel = Holy Guardian Angel as our Higher Self or true Soul, and the agency through which we transcend the lower plane.

Winged disc/globe = the union of positive and negative energies, of the subconscious and self-conscious mind, and of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, to produce a unified whole. The true power of transformation of the material body comes through the active will and intellect of the higher mind that’s aspiring to a higher ideal. All complementary energies are only creative when in an equilibrated state that forms a functional third.

Moon = psyche, which governs the subconscious mind of the lower plane and soul. It reflects the light of the sun as our higher consciousness, and is the sphere through which higher consciousness communicates with us. All communication from our higher self comes as a form of intuition and synchronicity through our subconscious mind, which is passive and receptive in nature. It also represents the astral plane which is governed by instinct as passions, desires, and impulses.

Infinity – horizontal 8 – tying together the Pentad and Hexad, balanced at the sphere on the crown of the head that connects the lower to the higher – symbolizes the self-perpetuating flow of energy produced by the 2 aspects of the soul and mind, which together produce a unified reality. The secret to using our will to create is by bringing the conscious and subconscious aspects of the mind into a harmonious balance as a marriage that’s of a loving nature. All reality is formed from the unification of intellect and emotion, not from one or the other. Infinity symbolizes creation as a self-perpetuating enclosed system maintained through inner peace that exists in harmony with the outer world of experience.

Space = astral plane (stars) = unified field populated by archetypal intelligence’s (constellations) and planetary influences (archetypes) that we can “draw on” as the means of creating, is indigo in color. The color associated with the 6th chakra of the 3rd eye, which is where higher intelligence as archetypal information is received and translated into sound and light as thought (inner voice) and imagination form (visual images of the words being spoken). The type of information we’re able to “act as a receiver for” is based on what frequency we vibrate at. All information can only be “draw in” or “absorbed” by our sphere of consciousness through “resonance”. The astral plane has both higher and lower regions of 4 primary levels and types of formation.

Stars in space which form Astral Light = celestial intelligence’s as archetypal entities that make up our human nature as our constitution, and correspond with the Monad (planetary spheres) and the Pentad and Hexad, both of which are stars, and represent the relationship between mind and matter as the astral and material planes that exist as reflections of each other. The entire material plane is comprised of “star-light” (photons) that’s organized into an Eco-system that’s given “life” by the invisible force of the mind.

Mind = field of information as a vibratory frequency (electromagnetic field as the dance of the masculine and feminine) that forms a paradigm as a holographic model or etheric body that provide the blueprint for producing, maintaining, and animating the material world. In order to transform the physical form and perception of reality, we have to transform the mind producing it. We transform the mind through the acquisition and integration of new and diverse information. By learning and growing as a result of what we learn. We can only acquire or act to absorb information that’s of an equivalent or similar nature to us, either in the higher or lower regions of the astral plane of memory. If we acquire information from the higher regions, we steadily alter our mind through the incorporation of the information by bringing it into active expression through application and practice of some sort that makes it a “natural part of our nature” and what acts to shape our character and behaviors.

Emotions (subconscious) and intellect (conscious) are always comparable to each other, and the emotional states we exist in and cultivate by what we think about and dwell in, form our vibratory frequency and determine what knowledge and information we have access to. The path of transformation and ascension come only by bringing both aspects of ourselves into balance as opposite aspects of the same thing. Thought and emotion are always married, and produce our experience of reality as their offspring. Thought stimulates and produces emotions in response to them, and emotion stimulates and produces thoughts as an expression of it. All higher knowledge can only be attained while in an “exalted state” of love, ecstasy, and bliss. We have the means to determine this through our ability to decide and direct our focus as to what we give our attention to and think about, and what memories we dwell in as the active and intentional use of will and imagination. As we direct our thoughts, we program our subconscious mind with the reality of our thoughts and it produces the emotional equivalent as the chemistry of our body, forming a “unified state” between mind and matter, and between the inner and outer.    

Linda Gadbois – Artist and Creator

“Mystic Moon” – Symbolic Interpretation

In all symbolic imagery and composites, every aspect of the details used to compose it is meaningful to the overall idea. Nothing is added without thought and significance. Most images come as an “inner vision” that’s complete in nature, as all spiritual ideas or archetypes are, and simply needs to be developed in order to produce as a work of art. When ideas are communicated using symbolic imagery they require each individual to interpret it in order to form a unique idea out of it. How a person intuitively interprets it depends on a combination of factors, such as their esoteric education and ability to understand spiritual principles, their maturity level and life experience, and the conditions and circumstances they apply them to as a form of working concept. I’m simply going to point out the significance of the symbolism with very brief descriptions to allow you to form your own interpretations as a form of “personal creation”. This way, you can put it together in whatever way makes most sense to you and seems most relevant.

Overall theme: The three aspects and levels of the soul and mind, and how they create a “whole reality” that spans multiple dimensions (inner and outer, and upper and lower).

Full Moon = the Higher consciousness of the Soul on a higher (cosmic) plane, that descends into the lower plane, giving birth to the subconscious (instinctual mind), which in turn births the self-conscious aspect of the mind. The Moon is the planetary (heavenly) body that influences and directs the instinctual nature of the animal body (subconscious) and all of Nature.

Chalice and Egg: The Moon forms the overall shape of an egg as an aura that’s nestled within rock outcroppings (mineral kingdom) in the shape of a chalice, which represents the shape of the essence that permeates, envelopes, and emanates from the body as its aura. The mineral body serves merely a vessel or vehicle for the Spirit and Higher Soul to express and create itself within the physical plane.

Duality of Polar Opposites – there’s a sense of symmetry and duality as complementary opposites of the same thing throughout the image. As Higher Consciousness enters the lower plane, it divides and separates into polar aspects of itself as the means of creating the illusion of both an inner and outer reality of the same nature. The stream of consciousness flows through the center of polar aspects that mirror each other and work together to produce a functional whole.   

The Moon’s aura emanates the 7 colors of the rainbow, the hidden, inner nature of light as the hierarchical structure of the subtle body. On the higher level of the astral plane it appears as real, whereas on the lower plane it’s an invisible essence or “hidden inner nature” of astral (sun) light. The sun’s light appears invisible until refracted off of moisture or dust, where it becomes a visible essence (rainbow) and material form of some kind.

The two mountain peaks represent higher knowledge as the dual masculine and feminine aspects, as do the two treed slopes that form the crevice for the “stream of consciousness” (waterfall) to flow into the lower dimension. The cliff and waterfall represent the void between higher and lower dimensions as the “fall of man” into a lower, unconscious existence of animal instinct driven by emotional impulses. As it enters the lower regions of the Astral plane, it flows under a rainbow at the base (lower sphere), and divides into two streams (subconscious and conscious mind), that flow into the same pond that make up the same reality.

The 2 rock pillars – the stream (of consciousness) flows through the center of two rock outcroppings, symbolic of the Esoteric pillars of “Jakin and Boaz”, representing the subconscious and self-conscious aspects of the inner and outer reality of the material plane, which are formed by the same higher mind. The stream passes under two logs that act as a bridge, connecting the two shores of the material mind as the brain and heart, and right and left (masculine and feminine) hemispheres of the brain. The logs are separated representing parallel planes of a higher and lower nature that connect the shores of the same body of water.

Waterfall and Creek – The illusion of water descends from the higher plane in the form of an astral, ghost like mist that forms the etheric substance as the template for material reality. It begins as a single stream that then divides into two branches that flow into and form the same pond. This is symbolic of the Higher Conscious as a unified state that descends into the lower plane as the subconscious which then systematically births the self-conscious mind within the material plane. Together these two aspects of the lower mind form what we perceive as a “material reality” that’s both of an inner and outer nature. The Moon light, which is produced as a reflection of the sun’s light (lower mind of the material plane doesn’t have its own light), is reflected off of the water as the higher consciousness informing the subconscious mind of the lower plane, which then reflects it in the mind’s eye for the self-conscious to witness as a part of the outer environment.

The misty fog like substance that the stream flows into is the astral light or primordial substance of the material plane that forms the etheric body as a form of holographic blueprint that provides the spatial substrata for organizing material form. The rainbow at the base of the stream represents the hierarchical structure and inner nature of light that forms the subtle body. Spirit, as the higher soul and mind, operates and expresses through the material body (plane of existence) through the subtle organs of the etheric body as the 7 major chakras of the body that produce a chain of association with the endocrine system and major organs of the body. Thought organizes Astral Light as ghost-like essence into material forms in the imagination that it then magnetizes with personal will forming an inner vibration that becomes the basis for producing an equivalent outer vibration.

Doves – arising out of the light reflected on the surface of the water represent the air element of the Holy Ghost or Spirit, that ascends back up to its origin in a dual spiraling movement, much like the Life-Force energy of the body flows in a serpent-like motion from the base of the spine to the crown of the head in order to arouse and excite creative thought (masculine) within the imagination (feminine) (egg and sperm) as the means of creating reality and the self.

Indigo – The overall color scheme is indigo, which is the color of the 6th chakra of the 3rd-Eye. The intuitive imagination that collapses the wave of incoming consciousness around a single possibility that has both an optical and audio aspect that together form a coherent reality of the consciousness it acts as a vessel for.  The Moon is the complementary color of goldish yellow, showing that its complementary aspect within the chakra system of the body is the solar plexus, as our “center of being” formed from translating the idea of the incoming information into a thought that stimulates its emotional equivalent as the chemistry and state of the body which then manifests reality.   

The rest, you can imagine and interpret on your own. Some of your interpretations may be different than mine, and that’s fine. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Symbolism forms a unique interpretation as an original creation each time it’s interpreted by different individuals, and sometimes even by the same individual at different times or while in different moods or frame of mind. Each interpretation is not only a personal creation of the individual based on what the symbols mean to them, but is also ideally suited to them in terms of the “knowledge” acquired from it. The universal language of symbolism and metaphor is creative in its very essence and serves to constantly form new variations of a thematic idea, of which no two are alike.

Dr. Linda Gadbois