Giclee’ Fine Art Canvas Prints and Shipping

Giclee’ Fine Art Prints:

Giclee’ is a term used to describe a dry, halftone printing technique that works by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto paper or canvas. Droplets of ink, known as half-tone patterns, are sprayed onto specially coated archival paper or canvas to build color in layers.

Our prints are made using Canon Lucia Pigmented Inks, which are the highest quality in terms of the finished print and extend print longevity.

All canvas prints are sprayed with a protective UV coating to increase their longevity and prevent colors from fading due to exposure to sunlight and other atmospheric pollutants.

The term Giclee’ is a term used to refer to high resolution art printing created using pigment-based inks which produce accurate, vivid colours, combined with acid free canvas to ensure longevity of work.

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Rolled canvas print

Giclee printing method is known for its vivid color and longevity, and is the highest quality fine art printing available today for making reproductions that are difficult to tell apart from the original.

Due to the exceptional quality of the materials used, when stored in proper conditions, Giclee’ prints can last for over 100+ years without fading or deteriorating. Unlike many printing styles that use CMYK, 4 color combinations or C-type printing which uses silver halide, giclee’ printing uses up to 12 colours of pigment-based ink to create a rainbow of sumptuous rich colours.

Because of the extra inks used, giclee’ printing produces smoother gradient transitions and a wider colour gamut than other printing styles, which gives giclee’ prints more depth and richness.

A High Resolution printing process means at least 300 DPI – dots per square inch.

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Stretched canvas print
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With a canvas print it’s not necessary to have a protective pane of glass or frame to hang it.

Depending on your aesthetic preference, you have the choice to hang it without a frame, with a traditional frame, or as a gallery wrapped piece, where the art image is extended and wrapped around a deep stretcher frame.

Giclee’s are the printing process used internationally by fine art galleries and professional art dealers.

Canvas prints have the benefit of looking like an original painting and don’t have to be framed behind glass like paper prints do.

They have the luster and texture of original oils and acrylics, giving them an authentic, old-world appeal and adding to its texture and uniqueness. In this way, prints can be transformed into a style that’s similar to that of an original oil painting.

Canvas only prints will need to be professionally stretched on a stretcher-frame, and can be framed in a variety of ways based on your style and preference.

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Gallery wrapped print with hardware installed

Canvas Prints Unstretched:

  • All canvas prints come with a 2” border all the way around for easy mounting, which can be white, black, or a complementary color to the print.
  • They will have to be professionally stretched and mounted or framed.

Mounted, Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints:

Canvas prints can be mounted on a stretcher-frame in a “gallery wrapped fashion”, with either a white, black, colour, or mirror-wrap, where the image area at the border on all sides is mirrored to form a border that’s then wrapped around a deep stretcher-frame, with all the hardware installed for hanging.

  • All mounted, wrapped prints have a wire and hanger and are ready-to-hang. They can also be framed later if desired.
  • Wrapping adds approx. 5 business days to the turn-around time.
  • Depth of stretcher frames used for wrapping prints are: 5/8” – 1” – 1.5” – and 2” deep.
  • Extension of print color for wrap-border is no extra cost.
  • Gallery wraps offer frame-less, modern looking affordable presentations.
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Gallery wrapped prints on stretcher bars

Approximate Turn Around Time:

Canvas only prints take approximately 8 to 10 business days to produce, with an approximate 3 to 5 day shipping time, depending on where it’s being shipped to, and which shipping company and method is being used.

Mounted, wrapped, ready-to-hang prints take approximately 11 to 12 days to produce and wrap, with around the same shipping time of 3 – 5 business days.

Please be aware that due to a serious post-COVID breakdown in supply chains, if we can’t get the materials needed to produce the print in a timely manner, longer time frames may apply. If this is the case, you’ll be notified as to the estimated time-frames.  

Care and Handling:

We recommend that you unpackage your print carefully to ensure you don’t scratch or damage it.

Handle the print only by the edge or 2” border.

For canvas only prints that are not on a stretcher, do not kink, bend, or sharply fold it (allow it to flop over or buckle), and always roll it up and support it evenly when carrying it so it doesn’t bend at a middle point. Creases in the print are permanent and can’t be completely healed, removed, or hidden.

The best way to clean a canvas print is with canned air, a soft, lent-free cloth that you gently run along the surface without applying any pressure, or with a light feather duster. If anything marks or stains the canvas, seek expert advise such as a professional fine art framer.

Avoid touching the printed surface with your bare hands as the oil on your skin can leave marks. I recommend wearing cotton gloves to handle all artwork.

I recommend taking rolled canvas straight to the framer without unrolling them. If this can’t be done, use 2 hands to support your print so it won’t bend, as sharp bends cause permanent creases that can’t be mended or healed.

Do not store your canvas print in the cardboard tube it came packaged in for a long period of time as it’s not acid free and archival, and over time may cause the print to yellow or tarnish.

Keep your print covered until it’s framed, stretched, gallery wrapped, and ready to hang.

Try not to use your hands to wipe off any dust as this can also scratch the surface.

Be careful of water, excessive moisture, hard objects, and adhesives as these can permanently damage and scratch the surface of your print.

Do not hang prints near a window that has direct sunlight, or where they’ll be exposed to direct sunlight, or opposite a large bright window. Sunlight is corrosive and will eventually fade the vibrant colours.

Always hang away from a direct heat source, air vent, or heating/air conditioning vent, radiators, or open fires and damp outer stone walls.

Stretched prints should be stored upright and not stacked. Do not store on cardboard, because it’s acidic, and acid will yellow, brown, or tarnish the colours.  

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Print shipping supplies
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Standard shipping is FedEx or LTL freight service (for larger pieces), which ship to most major cities – but we can also use USPS (United States Postal Service) or a local carrier if needed or requested.

Each item is fully insured for replacement value. If there is any damage to your print due to careless handling from the shipping company, notify us and provide us with a picture and description of the damage, and we’ll make arrangements to replace it in as timely manner as possible.

Standard shipping time, which is added to production time, is 3 days, 2 days, or next day (at an extra charge).

Shipping times are determined by location.

Allow extra shipping times around major holidays.

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Canvas prints come in a cardboard tube, wrapped in protective sheets, and all mounted prints are packaged using Styrofoam, tissue paper, cardboard, and plywood.

All prints are professionally produced and packaged using materials that ensure safe shipping.

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If you have any questions, or need to make a special request of some kind, please email, or call us at:

[email protected]


(leave a detailed message, with name, phone number, and best time to call you back)   

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