In the Studio

Linda painting Deadman

The Creative Process . . .

In all my paintings, I start by laying in the background first, and then move forward in layers. I complete each layer with details and special effects before I lay in the next layer. Once all layers are laid in, I then enhance the image with highlights. Some paintings also have metallic paint and pearl essence, and occasionally glitter, sand, and an iridescence.

Most of my newer body of work, called “Visionary Art”, is large profile, with a deep frame gallery wrap where I paint around the sides so they can be hung without a traditional frame.

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Painting “Tree of Life”

Painting "Tree of Life"
“Tree of Life”
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Painting “Contemplation” . . .

Starting "Contemplation" painting
Progress on "Contemplation" painting
Contemplation - original acrylic painting by Linda Gadbois
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Painting “Alchemy” . . .

Painting "Alchemy" in the studio
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Painting “Seasons – Ebb and Flow” . . .

Painting "Season's - Ebb and Flow" in the studio
Season's - Ebb and Flow acrylic painting by Linda Gadbois
“Seasons – Eb and Flow”

Painting “Crossroads – Choices that Shape Destiny” . . .

Painting "Crossroads - Choices that Shape Destiny" in the studio
“Crossroads – Choices that Shape Destiny”
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Painting “Longs Peak Moonrise” . . .

Painting "Long's Peak Moonrise" in the studio
Long's Peak Moonrise by Linda Gadbois
“Longs Peak Moonrise”
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Painting “Dreaming into Being” . . .

Painting "Dreaming into Being" in the studio
Dreaming into Being - acrylic painting by Linda Gadbois
“Dreaming into Being”
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Painting “Deadman Pass” . . .

Painting "Deadman Pass" in the studio
Deadman Pass - acrylic painting by Linda Gadbois
“Deadman Pass”
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